Monday, August 22, 2011

Moving Blues and Fibromyalgia

I have not been blogging, we have just moved house and it has been bedlam.  I have finally pulled my beloved Bernina 440 out of its case and have it set up ready to get back to normal.  Moving and fibromyalgia just do not mix, the aftermath has been long and drawn out as I try to get back to my normal activities.  I have found over the years that the main thing to keeping fibro on the best level possible is to stick to the routine, rest and bits of activity.  As soon as I overdo anything I fly into a chronic stage and remain there for a while, it is hard climbing back.
I am keen to get on and sew a blouse I cut out weeks ago, it is from the simplicity Amazing Fit range and I have already made the muslin and hopefully now adjusted to fit.
I have a few quilt ideas to put into practice but for now have been sitting recovering with my hexies and I am so pleased with my wonderful quilt.  I will of course post it online when it is done, I am doing a pattern of it as well in case anyone is interested.
I will be a bit sad to finish my hexie quilt but I have decided to get right on with another one when this one is finished. I have had a ball making it, so enjoyable and very satisfying doing all those little stitches.
I hope I will be better at posting in the future.

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