Tuesday, April 7, 2015

72 Blocks done, 28 to go.

I am still battling away with the blocks for my City Sampler Quilt.
Love making these little blocks but due to the fact that I have not been well recently I am lucky to get three made each day.
I am pleased with them as a whole but some are a little bit off line as I iron them I can see the tiny little defects.
It is so difficult to keep them straight with the mixing of different fabrics.  Although all are cotton they are many different brands of fabric. There must be at least 400 different patterns, some of them of course are from the same story taken from Charm Packs and Jelly Rolls.
Here are a few more, I can't wait to start putting them together, I am still thinking a slim white between them.

So it is going to be a rainbow type quilt, lots of colour as you can see. 

This is a nice clear block, I like the plain cross.

I was worried about the above block but it worked out quite well.  The fabrics did not look good together before I started sewing but now it has grown on me. 

Another favourite, I like the colours again of this one but as much as I tried it is not as straight as I would like. 

Yellow, always nice. 

Now I really look at this one it is a little off line, It is so annoying when I look at a finished block and notice that it is not sitting as well as I would like, I hope it goes unnoticed in the finished quilt. 

A lone little bee, another one that is not as straight as I would like, oh well onto the next one...

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