Friday, September 25, 2009

My First Post

I have often thought of starting a blog, and here I am doing just that. Such a warm day here in Southern Queensland and a threat of another wild dust storm looming. We had such a dreadful dust storm here this week, still everything is covered in dust both inside and outside my house. The last storm was red inland dust that covered the sky and blotted out the sun for the day, reflecting the sun as blue in the windscreens of the cars.
Apparently some people thought that there was some type of cataclysmic event when they woke to the red skies. Very frightening.

I have been sewing this week and finished a lap top bag from a pattern found in a blog while searching around. The horse fabric was my daughter's choice as the bag is for her, she is about to move to Malaysia so she wanted some padding for the laptop. Lovely fabric chosen becuase it is lovely rather than her being a horse person. It is made with the three layers a lining plus padding and of course the horse fabric. I lined it with a lovely Hoffman Batik fabric left over from a quilt that is currently in the process of being made for my son.

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