Sunday, June 26, 2011

Winter woes

I have had a time of being so exhausted it seems that my fibromyalgia has been kicked up a notch with the seasonal flu bug that has been going around.  So my sewing has been slowed down along with my energy.
I made a little apron for my daughter with lovely strawberry fabric from Hawthorne Fabrics, I have had the fabric for some time now and finally got around to getting it made.
I am still working feverishly on my hexagon quilt and have vowed to not put up a photo until it is fully finished, I have enjoyed sewing every bit of this quilt so far by hand.
I have not hit on how to quilt it yet, I have never quilted by hand and I am not sure that I could do it.  So I might machine quilt it - that is still all on the drawing board.
One of my next projects is to tackle this new pattern, it is a shirt pattern with bust sizes and I am hoping to find a good fit and a good basic shirt pattern.  There is also a couple of other patterns in this Amazing Fit range from Simplicity so I might try those as well if this one works.
I have such trouble fitting my patterns now that my body has well and truely hit that round after menopause shape.  I have to make the arms bigger and I always have to find a way to cover my 'tummy' area. I am sure that these patterns have been around for some time but I have only just discovered them.  I usually use Burda patterns because they tend to fit me well and are better to the sizing than the others.
So when I am having a good day I will start the shirt making process.

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