Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spider Web Quilt

This is another recent small quilt, my first spiderweb quilt. I used a couple of Moda Charm packs in Origins. Also some plain homespun from Craft Depot in Sydney.
I ran out of the fabrics before I wanted to really, it was not well planned at all as a matter of fact I just started to sew and didn't cut out and do my maths first. So it is a nice little baby quilt now. I decided to straight line quilt it, just getting going with my straight line quilting and I have found it is much easier than the meandering.
I have also been reading Film in the Fridges' blog about spraying with adhesive instead of pinning so I am thinking that might be my next idea.
I am not sure if the adhesive she was using is available in Australia, I was at my local quilt shop the other day and they did not have any at all and had little to say about it.
So some more research is needed.


  1. This is lovely. The range of greens is very soothing, bringing some balance to a very energetic pattern.

  2. Beautiful! I love the colours!