Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anna Brereton Quilts

I have been looking at these quilts and this is where the idea for my new hexie quilt came from. Anna Brereton's  story is told here 
So beautiful and such inspiration of her time.
I love the bed hanging.  Here is another design I found online fashioned after her quilts. I found this on Brigette Giblin's site here
I am really enjoying the whole hexagon fun, I love having something to do that is industrious while I watch TV.  I always feel quite useless and lazy if I just sit. 
I have three blocks done now and waiting on some more fabric to come, it is a project with little planning really as I have let it grow on the fly so to speak. I am excited to see how it turns out, I am working on it being a bit on the 'funky' side. 
I have in mind a softer colouring for my next one.  The most interesting part is how little bits of fabric change when you make it into a hexagon, it is like you are inventing a new thing each time you sew one. 

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