Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Flu

As you may have noticed I sell a lot of my quilts, it is more about the construction than the keeping for me.  I like making quilts that are sized for babies and enjoyed by children.  I sell them on ebay and am always pleased to get them sold so that I can invest in more fabric and make another one.  Sewing is wonderful for keeping me busy and making me feel constructive.
I have had that dreadful flu that is being passed around and found myself in bed almost all day for a few days. The pussy cats loved having a bed mate during the day.

Feeling better now over a week later but still feel that the 'bug' is hanging around.
Being mostly a 'stay at home' i was quite annoyed to find that my one and only outing for weeks was to the Doctor where I was surrounded by people that were coughing and spluttering everywhere.  So no wonder I was next in line.
There should be a separate waiting room for contagious people.   A little box where they can all sit together and not infect those that are visiting the Doctor with a non contagious issue.

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