Monday, September 24, 2012

Amber's Quilt. 

I recently sewed frantically to finish this quilt to put on my daughters bed. She came home for her birthday and I wanted her bed to look fresh and nice for her. Mostly I used Blueberry Crumb and to be a bit on the wild side I put some cream on cream with the wide background Blueberry designs.  Also some white on white, both the white on white and the cream on cream fabrics came from Spotlight and the Blueberry Crumb from a gift from my daughter some time back.

The binding is a paisley fabric also from Spotlight, I was so pleased to find this fabric with the browns and blues it seemed to be made to bind this quilt. 
I backed it with white homespun and used the very last of the Blue and brown scraps on the stripe across the  mid of the backing. 
I really enjoyed this quilt I rarely make blocks of squares but it was fun and I do like the overall look it is uniform and it feels a bit more structured to me. 

I like my quilts to be useful and this one is warm and nothing is better than to know that your quilt kept someone you love warm. 

Mission accomplished!  Warm daughter and most of all a visit from her for some wonderful days, now she is back in Sydney and I have to wait until Christmas to see her beautiful face again. 

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