Thursday, March 24, 2011

New blocks

New blocks by Duck Tales
New blocks, a photo by Duck Tales on Flickr.
I am battling with this quilt, I have done now around 16 blocks with Breakfast at Tiffany's moda fabric. This is for my daughter and as I put them together I worry that she will not like it.
The photo is showing them not in any order just lying on a bed, I will keep going with it and see how it goes at the least it will keep her warm in the winter. As she says 'you can never have too many quilts.'
I am stuck with what to do on the back - I want to have a double sided quilt and have heaps of bits of fabric left over. I thought of putting a brown block between the log cabin blocks but that did not look good, very hard to find a good place with it.
Overall I am just not full of ideas with this one. Time to have a creative burst - waiting - waiting.

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