Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Week

Well I am back into what I call a Fibro hole, so sick of myself with this tiredness and pain. It interferes with my sewing and that is not good.  I have so many projects in mind that I want to get onto.
I have half made a knitting bag for my beautiful daughter who loves to knit and sew and I just love talking to her about it and showing her my bits and pieces of fabric, i know she loves them all with me.  I have two little quilt tops done and they need to be sandwiched and quilted and pj pants for my son and a new nightie for me also in the schedule.  I hate seeing things sitting around when I could be enjoying the sewing.  I think it keeps me sane.
Although the last couple of days I have been into making Hexagons and have a small quilt underway.
Having this illness is depressing because of the pain, it is constant and makes you lose your sense of humour. I battle the tremors of my muscles and the utter tiredness from not being able to relax enough  to sleep.  I also get upset easily -
so no fun to be with either.
But it is my lot, I do have to grin and bear it and get on with my life yet some days it is very hard to do. And above all I feel like the biggest complainer in the world. There you go I am doing it again, complaining.

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