Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fibromyalgia and Pain

No sewing this week, I have hit the wall with my Fibromyalgia and it has flared up my Costocondritis, so lots of pain. I feel that I am in a dreadful haze with it. Pain is a dreadful thing, boring I am sure to others and impossible to see. The tiredness that comes with the chronic fatigue is so limiting. Anyway that is my lot for now. Hopefully I will be able to get on with my sewing soon.
I have lots of projects in mind. I bought some lovely strawberry fabric 'strawberry picnic' from Whistler Studios and I have it marked to make an old fashioned apron for my daughter.
Also because she travels a lot with her work I have made her some shoe bags and zippered bags to make packing less tedious.
I also got some small patterned fat quarters this week for my small stash hoping to have it grow a bit.
Limited by funds but not passion.
I have a quilt top done, have to finish it and usually I do one at a time and try to keep ahead, sometimes I have two backed up but not often. I am part way through another baby size quilt and it is quite bright and blue and green with a hot pink. Bright pinks and blues are not my bag, but I thought i would venture out.
Spotlight have a 'spend $100 this week and pay only $60' so I hope i will get to buy some bits and pieces at the weekend. I found finally a great nightie pattern so need more fine cotton and also some batting.
So hoping for the dip in health wanders off before then.

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