Monday, February 9, 2015

Being slack and Hexies

I have been off line with my blog for so long, I didn't realise how long it had been. Well back on track now I hope after a time of not being really on track.
My sewing has been suffering as well with only a few clothing pieces yet have been finishing off my hexie quilt and also starting another marathon hexie quilt.  This one i have started without having the right planning and now have gotten to a stage where I am not really sure what I am doing.

This is my finished quilt.
I started with the idea of doing a picture in an hexagonal shaped batik, So then it was interesting to work out how to set them so that it would sit well.  After my son drew me a perfect six sided paper pattern i was off and running. I like my quilts to be made for use, so I made it to fit a queen sized bed.  I like to think I keep the family warm. The inner pictures were fancy cut from Michael Miller's Anjou pour vous.

I wanted the quilt to be 'strange' something out of the ordinary and colourful.  I am not sure why I settled on the back and white spot but it was in my mind to have it somewhere in the quilt.
The batiks came from my stash and a jelly roll, so it worked out well.
When it came to binding I could not look past the black and white I think it topped it off.
I backed with green, It took me ages to find a backing fabric I just could not put my mind to it.  I quilted with a meandering pattern on my Bernina Aurora 440
Finally it is done and in use.

And here is the next one in the works. It started with a gift for Christmas a couple of years ago of a few fat quarters of 'Holiday Flourish" by Peggy Toole for Robert Kaufman and has since been added to and added to as it grows.  I really didn't think it through at all, next time I will that is for sure. I hope it will look ok in the long run it is for my son as a 'keep warm' quilt.

I have also recently made a cushion cover for my son he has recently moved so it is to brighten up his new place. 
Just loved making it, of course it is Alexander Henry Fabric called Frida la Catrina.

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