Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pink & Pretty Quilt

Pink & Pretty Quilt by Blue Wren Stitching
Pink & Pretty Quilt, a photo by Blue Wren Stitching on Flickr.

Another pink and green pastel quilt, I thought I might as well stay with it while I was enjoying the pale colours.
Very pretty this one I put a pale pink border on it and backed with pink gingham.
I did the swirly quilting and found it was a big pain. I had issues with the machine missing stitches and kept having to undo and redo.
Very aggravating. I changed the needle, tried with my BSR on my Bernina Aurora 440 and then tried just doing it without.
Still had problems. I find that this happens with my machine sometimes when I am doing a meandering stitch but not as often.
I am at a loss to work out this glitch.
I put this one on Ebay as well for sale.

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