Sunday, October 28, 2012 and Ants

I have only recently found this site  it looks wonderful with only hand made listings.  So I have listed my little pram cover to see how it goes.
I know that it is hard for people with hand made goods to find a good place to list there items.
Been battling the smoke here all week from the Bush fires in near by bush land.  we had some rain yesterday so I am hoping that the fires will slow down somewhat.
I have ants in my kitchen, they have been so busy into everything.  Usually they come when it is going to rain but I have decided that they did n't like the smoke outside and they have been sheltering from it in my pantry cupboard.  I don't know if ants do this, I would love to know for sure if they react to smoke in the air.
It seems that smoke smell and little fine pieces of soot are over everything, we really do need a heap of reain to flush it all away.

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