Sunday, March 6, 2011


I have finally done it after so long thinking about it, I was at the quilt shoppe and bought some hexagon papers, started making them and I am hooked.
I have heard others say that they are hooked on Hexies but I was not sure why. Now I know, sitting in front of the TV in the evening making Hexies is good relaxation and very rewarding. I made some with little fancy cut pieces.
Sorry the photo is so bad, but they just kept flaring, then I made some with scraps, bigger ones with the scraps. I can see that I will run out of the little papers very soon if this keeps up.
What fun, but then what to do with them. I have a plan for the little ones but have yet to get it really in place in my mind. it is one of those projects that is still in the mind stage.

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