Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pillow Case Tutorial

Pillow Cases with fold under Tutorial.

This is my very first tutorial so I hope it is easy to follow.

Cut two pieces of fabric both around 18" to 20" wide. I usually use either a metre or a yard of fabric and cut it in half length ways.
You will need one piece 32" long and one piece 36 inches long, this makes a nice generous pillow case.
I have used fat quarters and added the extra on the end to make patchwork pillow cases.
Take your two pieces, overlock or fine hem one end then with the first piece fold and press a two inch hem and on the other piece fold and press a six inch hem.
Sorry for the photo, sometimes I just take horrible photos.

Sew the 2" hem, I like to do it on the right side so that I can have a nice finish, being lazy I usually sew and measure my hem on the holes on the machine or the ruler on the flat top.
Pin the right sides together matching at the top hem with the fold mark on the other piece.

Then fold the 6 inch piece over the hem on the wrong side and pin into place, making sure you are not folding the hem on the underside.

The two sides sometimes do not match in length depending on how exact you have been I usually have one side a little longer than the other. I like to do two little stitches across the corners it seems to make them sit better.

Sorry bit blurry. Please excuse the bad photography.

Sew down the side seams and the bottom of the pillow case and then overlock or zigzag to stop the fray.

Turn the 6 inch fold back over the top.
The front of the case should meet the back neatly and when you look on the inside of the fold over there is no seam showing and you will not see the end of the pillow inside.

Turn the case to right side. Wonderful Pillow case I love the fabrics so needless to say I have pillow cases that just do not match my bedding but that is fine with me.

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